Frequently Asked Travel & Procurement Questions Related to the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak
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Marketplace Shopper

The Shopper Role in Penn Marketplace allows faculty and staff to access the Marketplace by authenticating with their PennKey. Shoppers can then select and configure products easily by:

  • Viewing Penn specific pricing and special Penn promotions with real-time availability;
  • Adding items (and notes) to a cart and then assigning the cart to a person (Assignee) in their department. The Assignee, who must be a BEN Buys Requisitioner or PO Manager, will review the cart and proceed with the process for a purchase order to be issued. Carts can be unassigned by the Shopper or rejected/deleted by the Assignee; and,
  • Adding comments to their shopping cart, which will forward to the Assignee the information necessary to complete the ordering process.

Penn Marketplace shoppers must adhere to University procurement policies, as specified in the Procurement Section of the University Financial Policy Manual or contact their Assignee regarding procurement procedures and policies specific to their areas. Shoppers are encouraged to reference the Shopper Guide for more information on how to shop and assign cart(s) in the Penn Marketplace.

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Assignees in Penn Marketplace have the ability to streamline their ordering processes by merely picking up the assigned cart from the Shopper and continuing the order process from Penn Marketplace to BEN Buys, eliminating duplicate order entries. Reference the Assignee Guide for more information about how to retrieve assigned carts(s), reject, delete, and submit a cart to BEN Buys.

For help with determining which individuals within your organization would best fit the Shopper Role criteria as opposed to granting them access to BEN Buys, Click Here.

Competitive Bidding Note: While the vast majority of Penn Marketplace items are offered by Penn's preferred contract suppliers, certain catalogs are maintained for non-contract (BEN approved only) suppliers. Preferred contract supplier status is marked by a flag on the supplier's items in the system and should be taken into consideration - particularly in cases where the determination of competitive bid requirements needs to be made. In cases where a purchase exceeds $10,000, competitive bidding must be performed unless the item is provided by a preferred contract supplier, in which case that supplier's catalog has already been strategically sourced. In all instances, best value and quality goods should prevail.