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Telrose Corporation

The University's Preferred Contract Supplier for Office Products

Telrose Corporation, a West Philadelphia based office products supplier, is the University's sole source strategic and Penn Marketplace participating supplier of office products effective April 1, 2008. Telrose Corporation has dedicated onsite customer support and sales staff assigned to the University and is committed to exceeding the University's unique business requirements. In support of the University's commitment to economic inclusion, Telrose Corporation is partnering with Office Depot to create a formal Tier 1 Small Business Administration (SBA) certified diversity partnership that meets federal grant and contract diversity requirements.

About the Contract

The Telrose Corporation contract is the result of a collaborative buying initiative with the Philadelphia Area Collegiate Cooperative (PACC). This initiative enabled Procurement Services to leverage PACC's combined office products purchase volume resulting in a significant reduction in the cost of office supplies. Supplier account reviews are held on a quarterly basis to review purchase activity, adjust contract pricing in order to responds to new products and shifting purchase patterns and ensure the contract's continued competitive pricing structure.

Ordering Information

All office product requirements must be processed via the BEN Buys purchasing system. The Telrose Corporation online product catalog with Penn specific contract pricing is available in the Penn Marketplace. The University's MasterCard Purchasing Card cannot be used for purchases from Telrose Corporation. Additional product and pricing information as well as assistance with special orders is available from any of the Telrose Corporation customer support team members listed below.

Telrose Corporation Contact Information

The following Telrose Corporation personnel are available to assist Penn faculty and staff with their office products requirements.

Supplier Contact Information
BEN Buys Supplier #: 51389
Penn Customer #: 47597554
Customer Support E-mail:
Customer Support Phone: (877) 835-7673
Account Manager:
Phone #:
Martin Hull
(215) 386-0500


Procurement Services encourages faculty and staff to provide feedback to on the performance of University preferred suppliers.

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