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Economic Inclusion
Economic Inclusion Network

Engaging Locally! This is one of the main components of the Penn Compact, President Amy Gutmann's vision of the future for Penn. As the largest private employer in the City of Philadelphia and the second largest private employer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Penn is using its considerable purchasing and construction capacity, as well as its academic expertise, to encourage local business growth, empower diversity and women business owners, provide women and minorities with greater access to the skilled and higher-paying trades, and create jobs.

Economic Inclusion Plenary Committee

The Economic Inclusion Plenary Committee exists to provide oversight and strategy to the University in formulating and managing its Economic Inclusion initiative. Three subcommittees of the committee meet to review and monitor progress made in procurement, construction and workforce development, and report to the full Plenary Committee on a quarterly basis. There have been measurable benefits to the neighborhood, city and region resulting from these initiatives.

In Procurement Services, results have been driven by a number of targeted Procurement Services initiatives designed to expand business and economic opportunities available to those who live, work and own businesses in the local community. Last fiscal year alone, Penn purchased more than $85.7 million in products and services from local community businesses, with $69.9 million from diversity owned suppliers. That's 12% of total Penn's purchasing dollars directed to local community businesses and 10% to diversity owned suppliers. And by helping its diversity business partners acquire eBusiness capability, Procurement Services is empowering them to compete more effectively in the Penn Marketplace, Penn's private supplier exchange. Approximately 20% of marketplace participating suppliers are diversity owned.

In Facilities & Real Estate Services, local residents have filled more than half of the jobs created by Penn's retail ventures. Approximately 35% of all Penn construction jobs have gone to minority and women workers, and 26% of all contracts have been awarded to minority and women owned businesses. Recently, Penn in cooperation with the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council, created the Lucien E. Blackwell Apprenticeship Program to provide skills training opportunities to residents from West and Southwest Philadelphia.

In Human Resources, works continues on a number of initiatives to increase diversity in the workforce by increasing access to available administrative and faculty positions.

Procurement Initiatives

Procurement Services supports Penn's commitment to economic inclusion by engaging diversity owned and local community based suppliers in the procurement process at Penn. With support from senior management, community and political leaders, Procurement Services has leveraged the University's buying power, its knowledge assets, resources, and commitment to socially responsible purchasing to provide business opportunities for local community based suppliers and job growth among neighborhood residents. Procurement Services has succeeded in promoting economic inclusion while meeting its mission to provide best-in-class buying methods and best price supplier business relationships.

  • Local Community Business Program
    Launched in 1986, this program is designed to pursue business opportunities for local community businesses, on a direct supplier basis or in strategic partnerships with major regional and national firms, including participation in the Penn Marketplace, Penn's private online supplier exchange.

Procurement Services collaborates with a number of internal and external partners to advance opportunities with local and diversity suppliers through idea generation, ongoing information sharing, and networking.  This engagement is vital to the mutual success of Penn and the organizations listed below:

-          African American Chamber of Commerce of PA-NJ-DE

-          Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia

-          City of Philadelphia's Office of Economic Opportunity

-          Economy League of Greater Philadelphia

-          Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

-          Independence Business Alliance,

-          Netter Center for Community Partnerships

-          The Enterprise Center

-          University City District

-          West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative