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How to Arrange for Customs Broker/Freight Forwarding Services for Imports and Exports

When ordering products from foreign suppliers, or preparing to ship items to foreign destinations, there may be an occasion when the product being ordered will either be imported to the United States by the supplier, or would need to be exported/routed by the University with a University-approved Freight Forwarder/Customs Broker (FF/CB).

If your shipment involves export-controlled items, and/or requires an export license, please see and contact

When the product is shipped to the University from overseas, it must pass through U.S. Customs for inspection and to ensure compliance with various laws and regulations. When the product is being shipped to a foreign destination, Customs and Duties inspections take place. To complete these types of processes, the services of a FF/CB may be required. The University has two designated FF/CBs to handle all U.S. Customs services required by University departments.

The University's designated FF/CB service providers listed below will handle all requirements for shipments that must pass through customs, import or export. There is a fee for this service. The University's MasterCard Purchasing Card can be used for FF/CB service fees up to $1,000. Any FF/CB service fees over $1,000 requires use of a UPENN Purchase Order.

Supplier Number 55308
Contact-Import Services Mike Andrel
Phone # (267) 534-8932
Fax # (215) 238-8603
Contact-Import Services Ami Barone
Phone # (267) 570-2809
Fax # (215) 238-8554