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Butler Schein Animal Health Supply

A University Preferred Contract Supplier of Healthcare Supplies for Veterinary Use

Butler-Schein Animal Health Supply is a University preferred contract supplier of Healthcare supplies for Veterinary use and a Penn Marketplace participating supplier.

About the Contract

The Butler-Schein Animal Health Supply discount pricing agreement is the result of a strategic souring initiative intended to leverage University spend with research related suppliers.

Ordering Information

All Butler-Schein Animal Health Supply product requirements must be processed via the BEN Buys purchasing system. The Butler Animal Health Supply online product catalog with Penn specific contract pricing is available in the Penn Marketplace. The University's MasterCard Purchasing Card cannot be used for purchases from Butler-Schein Animal Health Supply . Additional product and pricing information as well as assistance with special orders is available from the Butler-Schein Animal Health Supply sales representative listed below.

Butler Animal Health Supply Contact Information

The following Butler Animal Health Supply sales representative is available to assist Penn faculty and staff with their purchase requirements.


Supplier Contact Information
BEN Buys Supplier #: 460495
Sales Representative-Equipment Purchases: Dave Kingston
Phone #: (800) 282-5162


Procurement Services encourages faculty and staff to provide feedback on the performance of University preferred contract suppliers.