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Specialized Wine & Spirits

A University Approved Supplier of Wine and Spirits

Specialized Wine & Spirits is a University approved supplier of wine and spirits effective October 5, 2017. In additional to wine and spirits, University staff may purchase wines and spirits for consumption at approved on-campus University events and local dinners. Alcohol may not be purchased for resale, except by those University entities holding valid Pennsylvania liquor licenses. Wine/spirits purchases are NOT exempt from Pennsylvania sales tax.

For events outside Pennsylvania, the liquor laws of the state where the event is held will govern. In all cases, the alcohol must be used in accordance with the University Alcohol Policy.

Ordering Information

All wines and spirits must be purchased within Pennsylvania at a Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) wines and spirits store, or by placing a purchase order with Specialized Wine & Spirits. Please create a non-catalog request in BEN Buys for your requirements based on the order form that you complete with Specialized Wine & Spirits. For complete ordering instructions Click Here.

Please note: Specialized Wine & Spirits requires a 5 day lead time for all order deliveries.

Prior to placing a purchase order with Specialized Wine & Spirits, please contact the sales representative listed below to confirm the availability of your specific selections. Specialized Wine & Spirits offers free assistance with event planning, quantity selecting, and product recommendations. For a nominal fee, Specialized Wine & Spirits will deliver the products to your event on campus, or upon request will coordinate delivery with limited number of University approved caterers.

Small wine or spirits purchases made in person at a Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) store for entertaining purposes only can be purchased using the University issued Bank of America Travel Card and expensed via CONCUR. The University's MasterCard Purchasing Card is NOT to be used for wine or spirit purchases.

Contact Information

Supplier Contact Information
BEN Buys Supplier #: 596358
National Account Manager: Carl Zahn
Phone #: (732) 915-5557


Procurement Services encourages faculty and staff to provide feedback on the performance of University preferred contract suppliers.

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