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About Strategic Sourcing
Strategic Sourcing & Category Management

To leverage the University's buying power to the greatest benefit of Penn, Procurement Services routinely develops and executes strategic sourcing initiatives in alignment with the University's goals and requirements. In addition, centrally-sourced suppliers are managed by Procurement Services to ensure that Penn customers are being served to the highest extent in accordance with University contracts and customer service expectations.

The Sourcing function is the organization’s gateway to the supply base. Procurement Services' Strategic Sourcing team (also referred to as Category Management team) is responsible for establishing and managing relationships with suppliers and for conscientious stewardship of the University’s funds when procuring goods and services. Procurement decisions have a significant impact on performance, not only in terms of costs, but also regarding quality, innovation, and responsiveness. The Strategic Sourcing staff does not just focus on the traditional area of cutting cost, but prioritizing enhancing value to the final customer and protecting the organization from external risks.

Procurement Services' Strategic Sourcing team is generally aligned by spend category to best leverage category expertise and internal/external relationships. Supplier relationship management structures work best when differentiators other than pricing or availability are considered, such as sustainability, brand and reputation impact, social responsibility, geo-political impact potential, natural disaster impact, physical and information risk and security aspects. Dedication to excellence in sourcing – from risk mitigation to partner and supplier relations and responsible sourcing – adds value to our organization and customers.