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New Primary Supplier Agreement for Renewal of Equipment Maintenance Program with Specialty Underwriters LLC - Thursday, September 19, 2019

Purchasing Services is pleased to announce a new, primary supplier agreement with Specialty Underwriters LLC to provide an Equipment Maintenance Program as an innovative alternative to traditional Original Equipment Maintenance (OEM) annual equipment maintenance agreements that offers a significant cost savings opportunity to departments without negatively affecting the service provider or the quality and timeliness of equipment repair and service. This program is the result of a of a Primary Supplier Award from RFP 435954 for Laboratory Equipment Maintenance & Services, which included participation from the University’s Life Sciences Procurement Advisory Group.


Contact Information

To request more information on this program, an in-person meeting, or a formal price quotation, please contact either of the Specialty Underwriters representatives listed below.


Supplier Contact Information

BEN Buys Supplier #:


Specialty Underwriters
Account Representative:

Taylor Rammelt

Office Phone: (800) 558-9910 ext. 2718

Cell Phone: (262) 989-7723


Specialty Underwriters
Business Manager:

Elaine Wilson
Office Phone: (800) 558-9910 ext. 2123

Cell Phone: (262) 939-0269



Buying Method

A BEN Buys purchase order must be issued to Specialty Underwriters for the quoted price.