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Bulk mail is mail that is prepared according to USPS guidelines which allows the mailer to receive postage discounts. In order to receive this discount, the sender is responsible for ensuring that the mail is prepared and presorted according to USPS guidelines. Bulk/permit mail at Penn is either First Class Pre-sorted or Non-Profit Mail. Stamped or metered mail is not bulk mail. Lettershop services are the activities required to prepare mail to be presented to the post office.

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Lettershop Services

Lawler Direct is Penn’s strategic lettershop provider for processing bulk mailings. A trusted University vendor for more than 10 years, Lawler Direct provides cost-effective lettershop services and guidance to Penn clients for preparing their mailings in accordance with postal requirements, as well as pick- Glossary Link up of client-prepared mailings on campus.

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Using Penn's Bulk Mail Permit

You can reduce your mail costs by understanding the various categories of mail. There are also strict guidelines for using the University's First Class and Non-Profit permits. 

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