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Directed-Buy Paper Program

Penn has partnered with Xpedx, the country’s top paper supplier, to institute a directed-buy paper program that enables us to promote sustainable paper selection while managing and controlling the cost of paper purchased for the University’s commercial printing.

With a directed-buy program in place, Preferred print providers are required to purchase paper from a specific paper mill or merchant (xpedx) at a discounted price. All printers are provided the same price for paper, thereby creating a more level playing field with regard to price. (Approved Providers are encouraged, but not required, to do so.)

When creating this program Penn identified three paper mills with a focus on sustainability which stood out from the crowd.

Recommended Uncoated Opaque offered by Domtar Paper Mill

Featured Glossary Link Stock:

  • Cougar Opaque is FSC certified and contains 10% recycled content.

Cougar Glossary Link Opaque uncoated paper from the Domtar line is the workhorse of Penn’s directed-buy Program. By founding their business approach on sustainable growth, Domtar has earned a reputation as one of the most responsible manufacturers in the industry. They have gained the support of some of the world’s most respected environmental organizations, and earned the trust of their customers, who want assurance that the paper they are printing on comes from sustainable sources and reflects their social and environmental values. Read more about Domtar’s sustainability programs.

Recommended Coated (Gloss, Dull, Matte, and Silk finishes) offered by Sappi Paper Mill

Featured Stocks:

  • McCoy – Premium Sheet is FSC certified and contains 10% recycled content
  • Flo – Economy Sheet is FSC certified and and contains 10% recycled content

Sappi has positioned themselves as a paper mill at the forefront of environmental stewardship by increasing their use of renewable energy and reducing their dependence on fossil fuels. Sappi believes it is their “responsibility to reduce emissions at the source by improving our papermaking process.” Sappi has reduced their carbon footprint by 45% since 2004. Read more about Sappi’s sustainability programs.

Recommended Stationery and Specialty Paper offered by Mohawk Paper Mill

Official Penn stationery:

Penn stationery is printed on Mohawk Via 30% PC Bright White, which is made with 30% post-consumer process chlorine-free waste fiber. The electricity used to manufacture this paper is Glossary Link offset with 100% Green-e certified wind certificates. This paper is also certified by Green Seal. The selection of this paper was based in part upon the manufacturer's environmental performance. For more than thirty years, Mohawk Fine Papers has been taking actions to protect the environment. Mohawk's Environmental Management System incorporates measures which ensure biosphere protection and sustainable use of natural resources, materials, and energy. In August 2003, this commitment was demonstrated when Mohawk became the first paper mill - and then the only major US manufacturing company - to use wind-generated electricity. Read about Mohawk’s sustainability programs.