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Concur Has A New Look

Introducing Concur's New User Interface

A new look to the Concur travel and expense management application, was rolled out to the University on January 20, 2015. The new, more intuitive interface has an updated look and feel, with enhancements to workflow processes, a new dashboard feature, and improved navigation.  There are no back-end or system processing changes.

What Has Changed?
  • Enhanced Home, Travel Booking and Expense pages with improved navigation and a modern consumer-based application look and feel
  • Streamlined travel booking process - fewer screens
  • A dashboard design with logical grouping of like functions and tasks to minimize the number of pop-ups or pages required to complete a specific task
  • Actions, alerts and notifications that are clearly defined and visible
  • Improved smart matching of expenses and receipts as a result of combining key functions on the same page
  • New "Work to Zero" feature
Click HERE for a complete listing of Noted Differences or select one of the items below for changes affecting that one area.

New Function: "Work to Zero" dashboard

Know the tasks you need to accomplish immediately upon logging in to the main Concur screen (see below)

When all the numbers at the top are 00, all tasks are completed.

Screen shot from concur

The Expense Screen has been completely revised into three sections:

  • Active Reports - unsubmitted reports, submitted awaiting approval and returned reports (previously known as rejected reports)
  • Available Expenses - credit card transactions fed in to be put onto an active expense report for reimbursement/payment
  • Available Receipts -  pictures of receipts sitting in the receipt store

Screenshot:  Active Reports Section

Screen shot from Active Reports in Concu


Updated Training Materials now posted.

Demos and Ongoing Training

Demos of the new user interface are being held around campus.  Check with your school/center for scheduled demos or sign up for one of the sessions below

Demo of Concur's New User Interface (1 hour) - Register HERE
Two choices:

  • Jan 21, 2015   9:30-10:30
  • Jan 22, 2015 10:00-11:00

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