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Rental Car

Penn's Preferred Car Rental Supplier

The preferred rental car supplier for Penn faculty, staff, students and postdocs traveling on University business is Enterprise/National. The University has preferred pricing for University sponsored travel. The rates include primary insurance for liability and physical damage. Business rates are not authorized for personal or leisure use.

The University has two payment methods for renting cars:

  • Credit Card
  • Direct Bill. Note, reservations booked without a valid PO# are subject to cancellation.

Discounts and insurance are only available when booked through SAP Concur or the Penn Enterprise/National web portal.

Insurance coverage with Enterprise/National:

  • Important: Only Enterprise and National include Damage Waiver (also known as LDW or CDW) and Supplemental Liability Coverage (SLP) as part of our Penn negotiated rates for (domestic) business related rentals.
  • Decline insurance coverage on domestic rentals with Enterprise/National.
  • Always purchase rental insurance on international rentals.

Best Practice:

  • For identification purposes, carry your University ID card, driver's license, and the credit card you will use for the car rental payment.
  • Requirement before renting: successful completion of the applicable courses via Workday Learning. Recertification of Driver Safety Courses is required every three years.:
    1. Car Drivers - Fundamentals of Driver Safety
    2. Van Drivers - Driver Safety for Van Drivers
  • Sign up for the Emerald Club
  • See the BEN Helps Support Portal for FAQs and more information.

Personal Use By the Penn Community and Penn Visitors:

The Penn Community and Penn visitors are welcome to utilizeĀ leisure use rates with Enterprise National. Please identify the rental as personal. Note: Insurance will not be included in the cost of a personal use rental.