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Business Ride Share Program @ Penn

Business Ride Share Program @ Penn

The University of Pennsylvania’s Ride Share Program has several options with Lyft. Consider the following for your business travel needs:


Lyft Pass Credits: An automated program for rides that recur regularly.

  • Allows you to assign a recurring monthly or daily dollar amount and/or ride count to eligible riders that they can use towards Lyft rides each month.
  • Customizable: you can restrict the rides by date, time, and location and customize the value.
  • Departments provide a list of eligible riders who will receive Lyft ride credits for Penn business-related travel
  • Eligibility verified by school or center business administrator and an email address

Lyft Auto Pay:
Allows faculty and staff to direct bill rides to a corporate account.

  • Hassle-free expensing
  • A simple way for faculty and staff to separate business-related rides from personal rides

Lyft Concierge:
Web-based portal for booking trips on a rider’s behalf.

  • Enables you to request rides for people who may not have the Lyft App, a credit card, or smartphone.
  • The Concierge platform offers a user-friendly booking interface that is compatible with any internet-enabled device.

Lyft Codes:
For single events or non-recurring rides.

  • Departments can generate codes for single events and rides for non-recurring programs.
  • Codes can be restricted by date, time, location, maximum redemptions, and value
  • Code types: 
    • General Codes: A single custom code that can be redeemed by anyone that has it and is best for easy sharing. You can also determine a set number of redemptions to control sharing. This method can be used on your website, marketing channels, event invitations or flyers and is best if you don’t have your people’s contact information. You can also generate a direct link to share with your people so they can claim their pass.
    • Unique Codes: You can create a list of unique custom codes that can be claimed by only one rider each and is best for secure sharing. With unique codes, you can control exposure since each code can only be redeemed by one rider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for an account or get more information?
For additional information or to enroll your department in a Lyft Program, please submit a program inquiry to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The Lyft team will reach out to discuss your transportation needs, provide training and program management resources, and guide you through the setup process. For general questions, please contact Penn Travel Services.

How are these rides billed?
Rides are billed by Lyft via monthly invoice.

Do we get discounts on Lyft or free rides?
Departments will not receive free rides or discounts as a participant in the Penn Business Rideshare Program.

Tips For Riding Smart

  • Verify your ride by making sure the license plate number, driver information, and the vehicle’s make and model match what you see in the app.
  • Share your location and route with a friend or loved one from within the Lyft app so they can follow your ride in real time.
  • Follow the Lyft vehicle on GPS via the app.
  • Ask the driver to say who they are picking up.
  • Learn more about Lyft’s safety guidelines and policies.
  • Know the best ways to help keep yourself healthy with Lyft's latest info on COVID-19.