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Preferred Airlines

Penn Travel Services recommends using an airline that is one of our preferred suppliersYou will get Penn negotiated discounts when flying with one of these airlines, as long as you make your reservation through one of the following methods:

Important: Booking directly with the airline will not apply Penn discounts. The link from the Preferred Vendor's page is a convenient way to sign up for their frequency program, check on your flight status and see available flights.

Best Practice:

Use the Airline Billing Account for Airline Tickets

When using Concur's on-line booking tool or one of Penn's preferred Travel Management Companies, your airline ticket will automatically be charged to the university's BTA (airline billing account).  It is a central billing account for airfare, and these charges are then journaled directly to your department's 26 digit account number.  This eliminates the traveler having to incur the expense and subsequently file an expense report to receive reimbursement.


aaaaaaaaaaa Need to check status of a flight?  Click on the Flight Stats logo. aaaa Flight Stats Logo



Click on the link to register for the Airline Frequency Program