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Instructions and Best Practices for Monitoring Travel Card Compliance

The Penn Travel Card is the University sponsored card program for Penn Travel & Expense Management (TEM).  While all Penn Travel Card credit card transactions are imported into Concur and reconciled through expense reports via Concur, there are also outside-of-Concur card activities by cardholders that need to be managed by applicable School/Center/ORG Business Administrators or designees.

It is highly recommended that School/Center/ORG Business Administrators or their designees manage their cardholders’ outside-of-Concur card activities with the use of the  Bank of America WORKS® reporting tool. Administrators should cross reference BoA Works information with reports from Concur, BEN General Ledger, and the Data Warehouse in order to minimize any risk to the University and any activity outside the scope of the Penn Travel Card.

Best Practice Steps

Manage cardholders in your School/Center/ORG for business needs and financial risk  management - Click HERE

Finalize and close card account for departing employees/cardholders - Click HERE

Perform delinquency monitoring on monthly basis - Click HERE

Validate and approve card holder’s request for reimbursement - Click HERE

Perform credit card transaction analysis as needed - Click HERE

Quick Guideline to start your monitoring activities - click HERE.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the BoA WORKS reporting tool, please contact Card Administration at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .