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Penn Travel Services - News and Notes

US Airways/American Airlines Merger; Amtrak Refund Policy Change; Frequency Programs; Direct Bill for Air Travel; Car Rentals Made Easy

TSA PreCheck programs; Changing or Canceling Flights; Traveling Abroad with a Credit Card; Booking Amtrak; Preparing for Loss of Wallet or Passport

Travel Frequency Programs - How To Use, Benefits and Links to sign up

American and US Airways merge frequency programs; TSA PreCheck no longer free; New flights PHL to London, Heathrow; Upcoming dates affecting travel and hotel availability in Philadelphia; Become a Smart Traveler

New Reduced Rates for booking travel in Concur or with World Travel; Concur Feature update; Passport Renewals; Profile Updates; Who to Call; Unused Tickets

Concur Expense - Updates, Tips and Tricks

Standard Mileage Rates 2014: Lawson AU-UPHS COA field; Printing Reports with Itemization

Hotel Deposit expense type; Employee Moving/Relocation; Return of Cash Advance; Emailing receipts to another person's Receipt Store now possible; Quick Expenses/Quick Mileage; Managing Emails from Concur; Allocation visibility; Travel Advance report requirement

2 Business Meal (Attendee) expense types; New Field to identify alcohol as part of a meal; Allocation Summary update; Updated FY15 Object Code Matrix; Vacation assignment of Approver Delegate; Reports available in Data Warehouse created with Concur data; Type of Travel "International" reminder

Delete button for delegates; Changes to existing fields, Form for calculating tax and tip when itemizing an expense, Supported browsers; Paycard change for students; Updated print reports showing approval flow and audit trail; Vacation assignment of delegates; Upcoming training classes; Adding incoming faculty, staff and students to Concur; Calculation of personal amount due Penn travel card; Quick Expenses