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Uber and Lyft Car Services

How does Penn Policy look at these new type of Car Services?

Uber and Lyft are car services that are used throughout the world to match drivers with prospective passengers through smart phone applications. The legal and operational standing of Uber and Lyft varies greatly around the world.  The service also varies in terms of cost competitiveness as compared to municipal taxi services.

While the University has vetted Uber and recognizes the measures it takes to ensure passenger safety and cost effectiveness, travelers should inform themselves of the local standing and competitiveness of both services when using either application during travel.  Uber and Lyft both use a “surge” pricing model which could significantly increase the amount being charged at times of high demand.  In some instances, it could require the user to accept up to two or three times the normal charge before dispatching a car.  The traveler should consider the financial impact of surge pricing when using these car service programs.

In terms of University policy and expense reimbursement, Uber and Lyft are to be treated in the same manner as a taxi service.  Travelers who present receipts of services from either service will be reimbursed according to normal policy,

Note:  Schools/Centers may elect to limit the amount of reimbursement if a more affordable means of transportation was available.