Potential Impacts on PennCard Associated with Workday Affiliations - FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions specifically related to changes to Penn Community that were necessary to support the implementation of Workday@Penn. This list will be updated as new information becomes available. For other PennCard FAQs, please click here https://cms.business-services.upenn.edu/penncard/about-penncard/workdaypenn-faq.html.

Q: Will the Workday@Penn implementation impact my ability to use my PennCard?

A: It depends. Student PennCards will not be impacted. Some faculty and staff cards may become inactive as a result of new affiliations that have been assigned in Workday. If affected, you will need to come into the PennCard center for a replacement card.

The following populations are most likely to have cards that will need to be replaced:

  • Adjunct Faculty, Visiting Scholar, Visiting Faculty, and Wistar Faculty (Academic Affiliates in Workday) will have their cards replaced with Faculty cards.
  • Emeritus Faculty and Retired Faculty will have their cards replaced with Faculty cards.
  • Individuals with Temporary Staff PennCards who are not paid by Penn. Individuals who are not paid by Penn but who were entered into Workday because they supervise Penn employees or based on a Courtesy Appointment in payroll will have their cards replaced with PennCards based on the role they fulfill for their school or center.

Q: Upon the rollout of Workday@Penn, when might PennCards be affected?

A: Some PennCards will deactivate starting July 8th.

Q: Should I replace my PennCard before it is deactivated?

A: Not all cards will deactivate, but cards that are impacted can be replaced starting on 7/1.

Q: Will I or my department be charged a fee for getting replacement card as a result of it becoming inactive?

A: No. You nor your department will pay a fee for a card reissued as a result of the Workday transition.

Q: Will I need a PennCard Request Form?

A: Yes. With the exception of Emeritus and Retired Faculty, you will need a PennCard Request Form, but you nor your department will not be charged a fee for reprinting cards that were deactivated by the Workday transition. The form can be found here https://cms.business-services.upenn.edu/penncard/images/pdf/new-penncard-request-form6.pdf.

Q: Will I need to bring anything else to have my card reissued?

A: Yes. You will need either your current PennCard or a Passport or US government-issued photo ID. Please keep in mind that your existing card must be exchanged for the replacement.

Q: Will my PennKey also be affected?

A: There is no anticipated impact on PennKey in relation to these above mentioned scenarios involving PennCard. Please refer to PennKey Support for your PennKey questions: https://pennkeysupport.upenn.edu/

Q: Do Adjunct Faculty, Visiting Faculty, Visiting Scholars, and Wistar Faculty need to be entered into Workday to receive a PennCard?

A: Yes. All Adjunct Faculty, Visiting Faculty, Visiting Scholars, and Wistar Faculty must be entered into Workday as Academic Affiliates In order to ensure that they have appropriate access to University resources. In order to be issued a PennCard, please bring a completed PennCard Request Form to the PennCard Center 1 business day after the day you start working and are entered into Workday.

Q: I am a new hire; how soon can I get my PennCard?

A: New Penn employees will be able to receive their PennCard one day after their “Hire Date” (one day after the day they begin working at Penn).

Q: What if I have other questions?

A: For questions related to your PennCard, you can contact our office at 215-417-CARD or email penncard@upenn.edu. If you have questions specifically related to your Workday status contact the Penn Employee Solution Center: hcmsolutioncenter@upenn.edu or (215) 898-7372.