PennCard Policies & Practices

The PennCard is the property of the University of Pennsylvania and should be carried at all times. The PennCard must be presented upon request by any University official. Your use of the PennCard constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of all applicable Cardholder Agreements and PennCard policies, including:

Identification Card Policy No: 24

Each faculty and regular staff member will be issued a photo identification card (PennCard) while a member of the University community. The PennCard is the property of the University of Pennsylvania and is not transferable. It should be carried at all times and presented upon the request of any University official. Click here for Policy Details.

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Temporary Identification Card Policy No: 205

A temporary staff member who is not a student and who is expected to work more than two weeks may, at the request of the hiring department, obtain a special photo identification card. Temporary identification cards show the individual's name, photograph, Penn ID number, and the card's expiration date. Click here for Policy Details.

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Digital Photograph

A digital photograph is required for the issuance of a PennCard and will be retained by the University. This digital photograph is not considered directory information and may be disclosed only to the University officials with a legitimate educational or institutional interest, or to others consistent with the following policies and laws.

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PennCash Refund/Donation

The University reserves the right to close a PennCash Account when the Cardholder graduates or withdraws from the University (with respect to students), terminates employment (with respect to faculty/staff) or if the Cardholder's PennCard expires (with respect to all others). A Cardholder may also notify the PennCard Center in writing requesting that the Cardholder's PennCash Account be closed. Upon this notification, the University will issue a refund of the unused balance of Cardholder's PennCash account.

Refunds will be made in the following ways:

  • In cash, if the amount is less than $50 and the Cardholder requests the refund in person at the PennCard Center;
  • By check to the Cardholder's last known address; and
  • By donating unused PennCash to the Penn Fund.

Cardholders requesting refunds should submit a request to the PennCard Center via or e-mail at Please note that the request should include the cardholder's name, PennCard number and mailing address.

Cardholders requesting to donate their unused PennCash to the Penn Fund should submit a request via or contact the PennCard Center via e-mail at Please note that the request should include the cardholder's name, PennCard number and mailing address.

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Confidentiality of Records Policy No: 201

To insure confidentiality, uniformity and accuracy of personnel information, it is the responsibility of the Division of Human Resources, Information Management and Records (HRIM Records) to handle all inquiries, other than subpoenas, which require reference to documentary records concerning past and present staff of the University. Responses to the subpoenas are handled by the Office of the General Counsel. Inquiries received by other offices should be referred to HRIM Records. All subpoenas and inquiries from lawyers should be referred to the Office of the General Counsel, pursuant to Policy #203.

Personnel records, including those established in connection with the selection process, are University property and are afforded confidential treatment at all times.

Individually identifiable personal information contained in computerized data bases, whether maintained centrally or by schools, departments or other units, is afforded the same confidential treatment that applies to written records. Click here for Policy Details.

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Policy on Privacy in the Electronic Environment

Various departments in the University accumulate information about members of its community, e.g., for purposes of payroll, employment or enrollment. Data are also created, though not necessarily compiled or retained on a personally identifiable basis, as an incident to the use of technology, e.g., the charging of purchases on the PennCard or the borrowing of library books. The University does not condone disclosure or release of such personal information stored or transmitted through University systems, except for legitimate University purposes as outlined in this policy. Click here for Policy Details.

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The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)

Penn Policy on the Confidentiality of Student Records

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University Privacy Policy

To view the University of Pennsylvania's privacy policy, visit the Privacy Policy page.

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PennCard Terms and Conditions

PennCash is a pre-paid debit feature available on your PennCard which you can use to pay for textbooks, food and dining facilities. This feature, as well the issuance and ownership of the PennCard, are governed by Terms and Conditions. Click here for Terms and Conditions.

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