Lost or Stolen PennCard?

Because your PennCard effects building access and financial transactions, it is extremely important to notify the PennCard Center when your PennCard is lost or stolen.

During Business Hours

Report the loss or theft immediately to the PennCard ID Center

  • On campus/local:  1.215.417.CARD

Evenings, Weekends and Winter Break Non-Business Hours

Report missing PennCards to Public Safety

  • From any campus phone: dial 511
  • From off campus:  1.215.573.3333

Call Your Bank

When your bank account is linked to your PennCard

Important to Note About Lost or Stolen PennCards

  • When you report your lost or stolen PennCard to the PennCard Center or Public Safety, it will be deactivated so no one else will be able to use your PennCard. However, certain departments have processes in place that will allow you access to certain essential services. Examples include:
  • For campus residence access: please see front desk attendant to receive a temporary credential until you are able to replace your card.
  • For dining services: please see dining staff for assistance
  • If you find your old PennCard (prior to obtaining a new one), you must call the PennCard Center to have it reactivated. You cannot reactivate your old PennCard after a replacement PennCard has been issued.
  • You may come in to the PennCard Center and replace your PennCard at any time during business hours. Effective January 1, 2017 your first lost PennCard is $20, subsequent replacement cards are $30.