Looking for a fun staycation this Labor day weekend? Morris Arboretum has activities for everyone! Reserve your advance ticket online at morrisarb.org/tickets and take in all the sights and sounds:

Grab your masks and head to your first stop—Out on a Limb,  a 50 foot high treetop canopy.
From there it’s a short walk to the beautiful Rose Garden with a bubbling fountain in the center.
Continue down the path to the Garden Railway. Model trains zip along a quarter-mile track.
If it’s time for a snack, enjoy a picnic and a rest in the Azalea Meadow with John and Lydia Morris.
At the end of the Oak Allée, you can find fun self-directed activities to learn about all about seeds.
Continue along the path to the Spring House where it’s cooler—it once was a refrigerator.
Next up is the Swan Pond where swans Flora and Fauna glide gracefully through the water.
Don’t miss Loop de Loop, the huge maze made entirely of sticks... weave your way through it!
Last up is the Log Cabin where Lydia Morris entertained her guests with tea service.

So much to see and do for your visit…let us know if you discover something new! #morrisarboretum, @morrisarboretum