Morris Arboretum Urban Forestry Consultants recently answered a request from the Prodigy Learning Center in Philadelphia to speak to 60 Pre-K students about trees.  The children had just completed a unit on trees and had learned about different trees, food that grows on trees and animals that live in trees. 

Bob Wells and Trish Kemper talked with them about the parts of a tree and showed them a slice from a tree trunk.  They explained how the tree rings represent the age of the tree.  Bob and Trish then helped the children form the parts of the tree ring. Some students were the inner circle, representing the xylem tissue saying “WOOOSH-WOOSH” for the water that flows through the xylem.  The next ring of students were the cambium tissue and they said “CAM-BI-UM! CAM-BI-UM!”  The following ring of children were the phloem tissue which conducts nutrients (food) through the tree and they said “YUM! YUM!”  The last ring of students represented the bark of the tree and they of course barked!

 As a thank you for visiting, the students sang “The Green Grass Grows All Around”.  A great time was had by all!