Photo of Radio Perth studio

Listen in to this interview with Louise Clarke, our Bloomfield Farm Horticulturist, on Roots and Shoots of Radio Perth.

Louise was asked to share her perspective as a horticulturist with Sabrina and Hilary of Roots and Shoots on Radio Perth in Australia.

Some of the topics discussed are the valuation of trees in America versus Australia and their importance in the urban landscape, purpose-built green roofs, and the similarities and differences between very unique flora of Western Australia and the Mid-Atlantic region of America.

Louise Clarke, Bloomfield Farm horticulturist and member of GWA: the Association of Garden Communicators, is spending 15 days in Perth, Western Australia. Andrea Whitely, another GWA member and Perth Area garden consultant, is hosting her visit. Together they have been visiting Botanic gardens, public and private gardens, and Andrea’s private garden clients. Louise has been interviewed by Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) on ‘Roots and Shoots’ and will be addressing the Western Australian chapter of HMA, the Horticultural Media Association on October 24th.