The Morris Arboretum Urban Forestry Consultants were recently hired by Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PP&R) to coordinate the purchasing and delivery of approximately 6,000 plants for use in several restoration projects within the City of Philadelphia. These projects utilize native plants that have been acquired from local and regional nurseries. The Urban Forestry team at Morris Arboretum was uniquely qualified to undertake this project. The work is very similar to that which was completed for the TreeVitalize project, a project that took place over the last few years in conjunction with PP&R, the Philadelphia Horticultural Society (PHS), and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) as part of a grant from the William Penn Foundation. The images show Morris Arboretum, PHS and PP&R staff among the more than 600 trees that were unloaded today at PP&R’s Greenland Nursery. The trees will be distributed and planted at various restoration sites within Fairmount Park.