There are many beautiful and easy ways to decorate with fresh-cut greens. They add a special holiday touch to your front porch or the inside of your house. You don’t need any special skills, just a pair of pruners!
You can start a wreath from scratch by wiring greens to a wire frame. Or, if you’re like me and you find yourself crunched for time, you can buy an inexpensive wreath at a local nursery that is made of boxwood or a single variety of greens, then add to it. I cut greens from my own yard, such as holly or pine, and forage for pinecones or berry-laden branches, then wire them into the simple wreath.

Even easier, purchase a grapevine wreath from the craft store and add a sprig (or a bunch of sprigs) of holly or other evergreens.
Have some lonely-looking hanging baskets on your front porch this time of the year? Why not turn them into festive baskets of greens? Fill the basket with potting soil, or purchase florist foam. Stick the greens into the soil or florist foam and water occasionally. I like to add Christmas balls to my hanging baskets.
Container gardening isn’t just for flowers anymore. Try adding twigs or greens to frost-proof or protected containers for a touch of the holiday spirit. While doing your fall yard clean up, save some thin tree branches for this purpose. You can even try spray-painting the twigs white, red, blue, gold or silver.
A fireplace mantle just begs to be decorated for the holidays. Fresh-cut greens and some natural-looking decorations or miniature woodland creatures make for a lively arrangement. Add some string lights to brighten it up at night.
If you don’t have many evergreens in your own yard to gather, try one of the local holiday greens sales. Bartram’s Garden has an annual greens sale in the beginning of December. Fill up a brown grocery bag of various greens for just $10. Members get first pickings. Scott Arboretum also has a holiday greens sale around the same time of year.
There are plenty of other ideas for decorating with greens – such as making boxwood topiaries, or wrapping cloth napkins with ribbon then tucking in a sprig of holly, or inserting some twigs or greens into mason jars that are filled with cranberries. You are limited only by your own imagination! For more ideas, check out Pinterest
Happy greening!