This coming Saturday, November 7th,  the Morris Arboretum and the University of Pennsylvania will gather to commemorate the annual planting and dedication of the freshman class tree. Campus Green will become the new home of a black tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica) for the Class of 2019, along with the eight other class trees that have been planted since the Penn tree program began in 2011. As the program continues to grow, classes have become more involved, and shown a greater interest in their class tree. Each class is asked to vote for their choice from a selection of trees that are appropriate for the site. This past year, the program saw a freshman class actively voting for their class tree with 743 votes cast and the winning tree tallying an impressive 66% of the votes.  William Hohns, W’74, and his wife, Kathlene, developed the Penn tree program to help instill a deeper connection to trees on campus, and to help freshman make their first connection with the Morris Arboretum in an engaging way. Bill and Kathie also support the Arboretum through the ESCAPE program, which encourages students to venture off campus and visit the Arboretum throughout the year.