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Presort Mail

Presorting is a program offered by the United States Postal Services (USPS) that provides lower postage rates in exchange for sorting outgoing mail by the destination zip code. When mail is presorted, the piece is postmarked for the next day. While this would appear to delay delivery of presorted mail, the opposite is actually the case. Presorted mail is handled fewer times by USPS and is inserted further along into the mail stream closer to the final recipient. This speeds up delivery by one to three days depending on the distance traveled. By comparison, a piece that is brought to the 30th Street Post Office that has not been presorted must be handled by numerous people at multiple postal locations before leaving the region. Mail postmarked today most likely will not leave the area until at least the next day.

Penn Mail Services recognizes that there are instances in which departments may require an alternate process and opt-out of presort mail for reasons such as:

  • A mail piece must have a same-day post mark
  • Deadline to satisfy a legal requirement
  • Certified Mail
  • Express Mail
  • International Mail
  • Package Mail

If you do not wish your mail to be presorted, you may opt-out. Note that there is an additional fee for opting out of the presort program.

  • Use the newly redesigned Mail Authorization Card (MAC) to indicate if you Do Not wish the department’s mail to be presorted
  • Please check the box on MAC that reads “No Presort”
  • Provide your name, telephone number as requested
  • Place the completed MAC with your outgoing U.S. Mail

For more information about the presort mail program and any other questions, please contact Penn Mail Services at