Penn Mail Services is open and operating. For more information click here.

Obtain a Mail Authorization Card (MAC)

All bundles of outgoing mail must be accompanied by a valid mail authorization card (MAC); failure to do so may result in the delay or return of mail. Penn Mail Services sends mail using presort service unless indicated as follows:

  • New Mail Authorization Card (blue text):  Check Box - Do Not Presort
  • Old Mail Authorization Card (red text):  Hand write on the top of the card - Do Not Presort

Order MACs by sending email to

  • Quantity needed (3 MACs per sheet)
  • 26-digit budget code or copy of an existing MAC (if available)
  • Requestor's contact name and phone number

Send all written requests to:  Penn Mail Services, Left Bank Commons Ste. 500/6280. Or you can fax it to (215) 573-2055.

Please note:  specify a new budget code and/or request that old MAC code be disabled.