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Large Intramural Mailings

All mailings of 100 pieces or greater will be assessed a sorting and distribution per piece fee of $0.22. Any department planning a large volume intramural mailing must contact Penn Mail Services at least one week prior to its desired delivery date. Large intramural mailings must be placed in mail code order. Click here for the list of Penn Mail Services Mail Codes.

Whether large mailings are first class or intramural, we ask that all departments use the USPS mail tubs provided by Penn Mail Services in preparation for pickup. Cardboard boxes tend to break in transit and are not suitable for heavy mailings. Please notify Penn Mail Services at least three days prior to your mailing to coordinate delivery of tubs and special pick-up. Depending on the size of your mailing, a small service fee may be assessed.

If your department has partnered with an external printer to prepare and deliver your large mailing, the printer should contact Penn Mail Services three business days prior to scheduling delivery of the large mailing at Penn Mail Services. Include the number of intramural mail pieces expected, the name of the person who contracted the job, the University department with corresponding budget code and desired completion date. A list of Penn Preferred Suppliers who assist with these mailings may be found on the Print and Interactive Communications Website. When working with an external supplier for addressing the mail pieces, please take the necessary steps to ensure that the electronic transfer of the mailing list is done so in a secure manner.

Contact Penn Mail Services at or 215-898-8665 if you have any questions.