How to Address Intramural Mail

To ensure that intramural mail is handled as expeditiously as possible, please follow these instructions:

  • Use the correct mail codes (also known as the United States Postal Services (USPS) Zip+ Four Number)
    • If the building does not appear on the mail code list, it does not receive intramural mail
    • Departments without a mail code must obtain one from Penn Mail Services
  • Proper addressing should include the following:
    • Name of addressee
    • Department name/Room or Suite number
    • Building name/Mailing code
    • Cross out preceding addressing
    • Correct addressing examples
  • Departments relocating to an existing or new building—requires three weeks notice to Penn Mail Services
    • Penn Mail Services administers all mail codes which are associated with buildings and cannot move when a department moves
    • Departments must submit a change of address form to Penn Mail Services and the proper mail code will be assigned