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Intramural Mail

Intramural Mail is a service provided to University faculty and staff for the transmission of messages relating to organizational business only. It is not to be used for personal communications or by organizations involved in any solicitation or business offerings. Most intramural mail is delivered the day after it is picked up by Penn Mail Services. Excessively large pickup requests  will be charged at the department’s expense.

Obtaining Gray Intramural Envelopes

  • Use gray intramural envelopes for all intramural mailings and cross out preceding addresses before submitting for processing
    • Recycled envelopes are available at no charge from Penn Mail Services
  • To obtain recycled intramural envelopes, fax your desired quantity to 215-573-2055 or email

Recycling Gray Intramural Envelopes as a Sustainable Initiative

  • Printed address boxes enable recycling for 18 mailings per envelope
  • Supports the President's Climate Action Plan
  • Helps to contain expenses - recycled envelopes are provided at no cost
  • Penn Mail Services will pick up your surplus envelopes for recycling at no cost with your outgoing mail.

White Confidential Intramural Mail Envelopes

  • Available in quantities of 500/box for a fee of $65. Please contact Penn Mail Services at 215-898-6245 or Price subject to change.