Effective, March 14, 2020 the Penn Ice Rink is closed until further notice.
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Penn Adult Hockey League
Our winter season is well underway and enrollment is closed, but THE FIRST ANNUAL PENN ADULT SUMMER LEAGUE starts on June 22, 2020. We are registering teams and individuals starting in February. For questions, email Zach Rubin at rubinz@upenn.edu

2019 - 2020 Schedule & Standings

Penn Adult League Recreational Ice Hockey (Winter)...

Our B, C+ & C division adult league is open to the general public for both complete team registration and individual registration. Full teams are welcome to register each summer. The team fee for the 2018-19 season is $6,075.  Single player registration is $420 and includes a jersey. For single player registration, all players should attend at least one of our player evaluation dates at the beginning of each season. If you cannot attend an evaluation, you may still get on a team. Call or email for more details.

The season has 20 games plus a guaranteed playoff entry. The final round is a best of three series.

The schedule spans the first week of September through mid to late April. Games can be any night of the week and although some will start as early as 7:10 pm on Fridays and 9:10 pm on other weeknights, these early times are rare and most games will start after 10pm and as late as 10:55pm. Most game starts are between 10:15pm and 10:45pm. Weekend games and playoff games may have starts earlier than 7 pm. There will be periods of limited frequency of games during months that the four college teams are on campus and there will be a high frequency of games during months that school is out of session or the ACHA season is over. You may only have one game in February, but are likely to have 4 to 5 games during winter break (December 10th -- January 21st). September will be heavier with games as well as March. The month of April is typically reserved for playoffs. The schedule is completely random with the attempt to build a fair schedule that best accommodates the success of the league and the requirements and preference of the teams. We have a couple teams that need to minimize Friday and Saturday night games as the entire team works at a given restaurant. We have teams that prefer those slots and therefore will get a schedule with more Friday or Saturday night slots. All teams must have some Friday and Saturday night slots. Our Wharton School enters two teams in the league and they can only play Sunday through Thursday because of scholastic activities and obligations. The Wharton teams also do not play while school is out of session. It’s a challenging process and it’s never perfect for everyone, but it has worked well with a little compromise from each team.


B, C & C+ Divisions

Goalies always needed! Substitute goalies play for FREE! Call to get on our substitute goalie list.

Want to join our sub list for adult league CLICK HERE for updates!

For information regarding an individual registration or a team registration for the 2019-20 season email icerink@upenn.edu. 
Be sure to include a brief players background when reaching out.