"Valerie Garfield had a vision 18 years ago that someday - she wasn't sure when - she would own the house one door away from her mother's on South 46th Street That dream became a reality [thanks to Penn Home Ownership Services and the Home Buy Now Program] on Jan. 30." Philadelphia Inquirer, March 30, 2012. Read the article.....

When Philadelphia native Doug Jerolmack learned he had a new job at Penn as assistant faculty for Earth Sciences, he immediately knew he wanted to live in West Philadelphia. With its proximity to campus, diverse culture and variety of home types, it was the logical place to restart his life in the City.   But as a young person with no credit history, he knew becoming a homeowner might be challenging.

“I don’t think my wife and I would have been able to purchase a home without the help of Penn Home Ownership Services. They helped me to understand the home buying process, explained about the pre-approval mortgage process and were available whenever I had questions. From my first question right down to the settlement day, they were there to help and advocate for us.”

Since purchasing their house, Doug and Vanessa have been thrilled with their decision. “Right after everything was finalized, we went to tour our new home. Since it was our first house, I picked up Vanessa to carry her over the threshold. As soon as I did, I heard all this clapping and cheering. It was all our new neighbors who were across the street enjoying one of the neighborhoods many social events. It was the perfect ending to our home buying journey!

Doug Jerolmack, assistant faculty for Earth Sciences at Penn