Waste Management

We take waste separation seriously! All Penn Dining staff are trained to sort food waste, recyclables, and trash. There is signage located conveniently next to all recycle and landfill bins in Penn Dining cafes to help you decide where your waste should be disposed.


Compost Icon Reycle Icon Trash Icon



  • Compost (Food and Organic Waste): Use the GREEN bins
  • No glass, plastic, metals or cardboard in this bin
  • All food waste: Fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, and grains


  • Recycling: Use the BLUE bins
  • Paper, plastic bottles, cans, cardboard, plastic cups, glass bottles, plastic utensils, plastic containers, and aluminum foil


  • Landfill trash: Use the GRAY or BLACK bins
  • No glass, plastic, metal or cardboard in this bin
  • K Cups, candy wrappers, napkins, plastic bags, and wax-lined cups




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