Penn Dining's Green2Go program

Penn Dining operates the Green2Go Program in its residential dining cafes to reduce the usage of disposable to-go containers. Students on a dining plan are automatically eligible to participate.

To get a Green-to-Go container you can present your PennCard to the cashier, and they will swipe your card once for your meal and again to check-out the container. Once you bring it back, the cashier will swipe your card to check the container back in. If you want to exchange your container, simply give your used container to the cashier and they will provide you with a clean one.

By participating in the program, you are helping to eliminate the number of disposable clamshells (by two-thirds) that make their way into the waste stream at Penn (estimated to be 171,000 annually). The program was originally funded by a Penn Sustainability Green Fund grant and is supporting Penn’s waste minimization efforts.

To learn more about the program click here for Green2Go FAQs.


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