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Penn Dining Events Calendar. February 2 through 28. Championship Sunday Viewing Party. February 2. 6:30pm to 11:00pm at Lauder College House. Looking for a spot to watch the big game on the big screen? We’ll have snacks, dueling entrees, and giveaways. Food for your wellbeing. February 4. Lunch. Hill House and English House. February 6. Lunch at 1920 Commons and Falk. Theme: Fats Matter: Get Yours from mostly plants. Love Food: Turmeric. February 6. Lunch at English House. Turmeric’s bold hue brightens all it touches – from golden milk and Indian curries, to Singapore-style noodles.  This ayurvedic superstar is showing up and showing off all over the world. Penn Cooks: Featured Staff Cookbook Recipes. Celebrate Black History Month with Penn Cooks! This week we’ll be featuring family favorite recipes from our staff curated cookbook, The Penn Family Cookbook. Dinner on February 10 at 1920 Commons. February 11 at Hill House and Lauder College House. February 12 at Kings Court English House. February 13 at Falk at Penn Hillel.  Valentine’s Day. February 14. Dinner at Lauder College House. Join us for a special Valentine’s Day dinner at LCH, enjoy decadent desserts at all locations. Valentine’s Day Chocolate Fountain. February 14. Dinner at 1920 Commons.  Everyone’s favorite Chocolate Fountain is making an appearance at 1920 Commons.  Don’t miss it. Tasty Tuesday. February 18. Noon to 1:00pm at 1920 Commons.  Stop by 1920 Commons during lunch for a chef-curated treat!  This week; Samosas with house-made spicy mango chutney. Penn Cooks: Black History Month. February 18. Dinner at 1920 Commons. Penn Cooks is thrilled to bring Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr. to campus. We’ll be serving up recipes from his cookbook, Simply Done Well Done all residential locations.

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