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Penn Dining Events. November 12 through December 1. November 12. Tasty Tuesday. 12:00pm to 1:00pm at 1920 Commons. Stop by 1920 Commons during lunch for a chef-curated treat! This week: Chicken Satay. November 12 & 14. Food For Your Well-Being. November 12. Lunch at Hill House and English House. November 14. Lunch at 1920 Commons and Falk Kosher Dining. Theme: Small Changes Add Up: Balance and Portions Count. November 14. Love Food: Gochujang. Lunch at English House. This fermented Korean chili sauce immediately hits at immense depth: spicy, savory, sweet, and funky all at once. November 14. Accenture Café Pop-Up. 11am until orders are sold out. This Week: Pita and Curry! Choose from Tandoori Chicken, Red Curry Beef, or Lentil Dahl. November 19. Quaker Kitchen presents Hand Pies. Learn how to make your own sweet and savory hand pies at our next Quaker Kitchen. Registration required. November 21. Penn Cooks: The annual harvest dinner featuring Pennsylvania. Join us for a special meal at all locations featuring recipes from Carrie Havranek’s cookbook “Tasting Pennsylvania” November 21. Accenture Café Pop-Up. 11am until orders are sold out. This Week: Sliders! Choose from Fried Chicken Biscuit, Maple Barbecue Pork Belly, or Churrasco Grilled Vegetable Burger.  November 28 through December 1. Thanksgiving Break.  Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, Quakers! Visit upenn.edu/dining for Thanksgiving Break Dining Hours. Farmer’s Market. Wednesdays 9:00am to 5:00pm. At 36th and Walnut Streets. Local produce, bread, plants, and more at the weekly Farmer’s Market. Follow us on social media @PennDining for news, events, pop-ups, specials, and more!

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