English House

English House Café is located in King's Court English House at 36th and Sansom Streets, although the café has followers from every corner of campus.  During breakfast, guests can start their morning with an assortment of fruit, yogurt, smoothies, granola and cereal; as well as a range of favorites from pancakes to eggs benedict.

Throughout lunch and dinner hours, visitors of the café will find a fresh salad and mezze bar with house-made dressings and aromatic soups; a lively expo station, comfort cooking, and delicious desserts. English House is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the week.

Halal Program

Kings Court English House Café is serving Halal meats in partnership with Penn's Muslim Student Association. We serve proteins sourced from Halal meats which are prepared to the MSA trained specifications. 

Mountainaire Farms and Plymouth Beef Vendors provide us with the following menu items which are then prepared at Kings Court English House Cafe:

· Chicken Breast
· Chicken Thigh Meat
· Chicken Leg Quarters
· Beef Burgers
· Ground Beef

Halal options are also available at Gourmet Grocer:

  • One Halal Entrée is offered on the Hot Bar by weight at all times Monday -Thursday.
  • One Halal Boxed Meal with be offer for Meal Exchange on the hot bar Sunday-Thursday.
  • Five different types of Halal Vegan and Meat based full entrees in our freezer section at all times.

The following is added to Gourmet Grocer when Kings Court English House is closed on Weekends:

  • Halal Chicken Caesar Grab and Go Wrap
  • Halal Grilled Chicken Wrap and Go Sandwich
  • Halal Grilled Chicken Grab and Go Sandwich
  • Halal Grilled Chicken Caesar Grab and Go Salad
  • Halal Mixed Green Grilled Chicken Grab and Go Salad

Please feel free to speak with a chef or manager, or email our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist or email below) if you ever have any questions, suggestions, or comments about Halal options.

Meet the Team

Vinny McManus

Vinny McManus | Chef Manager




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