Terms & Conditions

Dining plan agreements are legal contracts between you and the University of Pennsylvania. Dining plan contracts are binding for the entire academic year. By signing the dining plan contract or confirming your online dining plan selection, and/or participating in the dining program, you agree to accept all of the terms and conditions of the dining contract.

2019-2020 Terms & Conditions

2020-2021 Terms & Conditions


Cancellations are not permitted unless you are leaving the University for one of the following reasons: Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, Study Abroad, Graduation, or Fall Exchange Students (cancellation for Spring semester only). If you are leaving the University and need to cancel your dining contract, you MUST complete a cancellation form.

  • If you live in on-campus housing, please complete the Request for Early Termination for you housing contract found at MyHomeAtPenn.upenn.edu. When completing the request to terminate your housing contract, you will also be able to indicate that you have a dining plan to cancel and both requests will be processed jointly.
  • If you only have a dining contract to cancel or are unable to complete the Request for Early Termination for housing, please complete this form and submit to the Penn Dining Office at bsd-dining@upenn.edu.

The dining program is not affiliated with any decision concerning financial aid to students. We cannot consider any financial matter as an acceptable reason for requesting a meal plan cancellation.

Special Dietary Needs

Penn Dining currently serves many students with food allergies or dietary needs and our registered dietitian nutritionist, Dan Connolly daniel.connolly@cafebonappetit.com, is here to assist students with any dietary questions or concerns they may have.

Requests for accommodation based on a food allergy or special dietary need is referred to our registered dietitian who will work with the student and Student Disabilities Services (SDS) to determine an appropriate accommodation within the dining program. In the case where a reasonable accommodation cannot be made, a waiver of the dining plan will be considered. Please note that all students making an accommodation request will be contacted by SDS and until a final decision is reached, all students will be responsible for their University dining contract.

Please review the Health & Wellness section of our website for more information or click here to see more details on our policy.

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