Faculty/Staff Dining Program

Any Faculty member or Staff employee who is employed full-time or part-time with the University and has a valid PennCard is eligible to sign up for a Faculty Staff Dining Program.

The Faculty and Staff Dining Program is comprised exclusively of Dining Dollar$, which are credits toward à la carte retail food purchases, or toward the door rate at All-You-Care-to-Eat facilities. At initial enrollment Dining Dollar$ are loaded onto the plan holder’s PennCard. To make purchases, the card is swiped by the cashier at the dining location and funds are accessed.

Faculty and Staff may add Dining Dollar$ to their dining program at any time by clicking on the link below and making payments via our secure web portal and the faculty or staff member’s personal credit card. The initial minimum charge amount is $50.00 and any add-on amount for Dining Dollar$ is a minimum of $50.00.

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Faculty Staff Dining Plans offer several benefits

  • A 5% discount at select locations when using the plan. Locations include: Houston Market, Joe's Café, Gourmet Grocer, Mark’s Café, New College House, McClelland and Accenture Café.

  • The ability to use DD$ (and the discount when applicable) to preorder or deliver their meal selections through Tapingo, our online ordering app.

  • Sign up for Menu Mail, to get daily updates of Penn Dining offerings.

  • Ability to take advantage of special promotions offered through Penn Dining.

For information on Penn Dining locations, hours, menus, visit the Cafes, Hours and Menus page.


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