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Penn Dining brings you flavorful, nutritious food that helps create community across campus. Dining plans are valuable to have because they give you easy access to conveniently located, great tasting meal options right on campus.

In order to adhere to health guidelines, there will be many changes to our dining program. This includes changes to the dining plans offered.



Need to Know

First-Year Students are required by the University to purchase a dining plan. We do this to ensure a sense of community among Penn students, faculty and staff. First-Year students can choose between two dining plans: the First-Year 301 plan or the First-Year 197 plan.

Each plan offers students a combination of Meal Swipes (visits) and Dining Dollars for the semester, which can be used at any time during available meal periods. Dining Dollars can be used at any of our Penn Dining locations.

First-Year students may select their plan via Campus Express, through December 1. If a student does not select their plan by that date, they will be automatically enrolled in the First-Year 301 plan, but can change later, if they'd like.

First-Year Transfer Students are required to have a dining plan and can choose between the 6 undergraduate dining plans (note: does not include the Graduate Take Your Pick 10 (GYTP10) plan) above.

Upperclass Students can choose between the 6 undergraduate dining plans, to find one that best fits their individual lifestyle . The options include traditional plans that contain both Dining Dollars and Visits, or a Dining Dollars-only plan.  With a Dining Dollars-only plan, you can still dine at our Residential Cafés at a discounted rate*.

Graduate Students can choose between any of the 6 undergraduate or the Graduate Take Your Pick 10 (GTYP10) dining plan.

All students on a Dining Plan have the option to change their plan until February 10. Dining Plans can only be changed one time per semester.  Students will only be charged for the dining plan in which they are enrolled following the end of the Change Period.

Students can enroll in a dining plan or add Visits or Dining Dollars to their plans at any time throughout the academic year via Campus Express.

Please Note: Visits and Dining Dollars are allocated by semester.

Unused visits do not carry over from one academic year to the next.

Please visit our Spring 2021 Planning Dining FAQ page for additional information.

Dining Plan Dates

All dining plans officially start on January 20, 2021.  However, dining cafes will gradually open starting on January 10, and you may use your dining plan to swipe in for a meal.

Please see the Hours of Operations for the most up-to-date information.

Change Policy

Students will have the opportunity to log into Campus Express and make one change to their dining plan during the Spring Change Period. The Spring Change Period will run from January 20 - February 10, 2021.

Please Note: any additional charges or refunds due as a result of a dining plan change will be based on current rates. If you have questions, please contact:

If you have more questions about dining plans, please contact:

Terms and Conditions

Dining plan agreements are legal contracts between you and the University of Pennsylvania. Dining plan contracts are binding for the entire academic year. By signing the dining plan contract or confirming your online dining plan section, and/or participating in the dining program, you agree to accept tall of the terms and conditions of the dining contract.

2020 - 2021 Terms and Conditions

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