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Meet the Dining Team

Central Penn Dining

Pam Lampitt, Director

Thomas MacDonald, Operations Coordinator

ted morrin headshot

Pam Lampitt, Director of

Business Services, Hospitality Services

Thomas MacDonald,

Operations Manager

Ted Morrin

Meal Plan Manager

Bon Appetit Management Company

Bill Hess, Resident District Manager

Bill Hess

Resident District Manager,

Agnes Leclercq-Randazzo, Director Resident Dining

Agnes Leclercq-Randazzo

Director of Resident Dining,

Patricia Ng, Director of Retail

Patricia Ng

Director of Retail

Molly Giarratana, HR Director

Molly Giarratana

Director of Human Resources,

Beth Bayrd, Director of Marketing

Beth Bayrd

Director of Marketing,

Sean Lewis, Marketing Coordinator

Sean Lewis

Marketing Coordinator

Dan Connolly, Resident Dietitian Nutritionist

Dan Connolly

Resident Dietitian Nutritionist, d

Chris Smith, Executive Chef

Chris Smith

Campus Executive Chef,

Lauren Glazer, Quality Assurance Manager

Lauren Glazer

Quality Assurance Manager,

Bon Appetit Caterinng


Natalie Amentrout

Natalie Armentrout

Director of Catering,

Nicole Blevin

Nicole Blevin

Catering Sales Manager

Rebecca Alexander, Catering Operations Manager

Rebecca Alexander

Catering Operations Manager

Marvin Moore, Catering Chef

Marvin Moore

Catering Chef,

Rocco Spampinato, Executive Catering Chef

Rocco Spampinato

Executive Catering Chef


Agnes Leclercq-Randazzo – Director of Resident Dining,

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