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Changes to the Penn Computer Connection

The Division of Business Services wishes to inform the Penn Community that as of June 30, 2020, the Computer Connection’s retail store, located on the second floor of the Penn Bookstore, will permanently close.

The store has adapted to the many changes in the technology-retail market since it opened 35 years ago, but the combined impact of narrower margins, fewer new product releases, and extraordinary mass-market discounting strategies from large retailers, has had a pronounced impact on the store’s ability to sustain its operation.

Going forward, the University remains committed to providing resources and value-added services that align with the technology needs of the Penn community. The Office of Software Licensing will remain and most likely expand its offerings. Also, the Penn Bookstore will expand its in-store inventory of computer supplies, accessories and peripherals to enable the Penn Community to have easy access to such items.

Penn will also continue to leverage its significant purchasing power and maintain its strong vendor relationships to support Penn’s Schools and Centers. In partnership with Penn Purchasing, institutional priorities such as collaborative purchasing, bulk orders and post-sale issue resolution will be preserved. Student-focused services, including the distribution of computers to Penn’s highly aided student population and support for educational discount programs that promote school-based standards, will also be maintained.

Although the retail store and associated warehouse operations will be discontinued, the fulfillment of existing orders will be honored, and information will be forthcoming and communicated to members of the IT community regarding the availability of inventory and the process for placing new orders

Marie Witt, Vice President for Business Services

Check here for Manufacturer Sales & Support details.

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