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Adobe VIP Licensing Program

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What is the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP):

VIP is a subscription-based licensing program that gives Penn departments access to Creative Cloud applications for design, web, video, and photography - all right on the desktop - plus seamless ways to share and collaborate through access to online services.

Choose your license needs:

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Named User Licenses are permitted to be installed on two computers for use by one person, e.g. an office desktop and a laptop / home computer.  Perfect for LSP / DIY installation with admin rights.

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Shared Device Licenses - One computer, able to be used by multiple people.  Ideal for labs or public spaces; requires creation of a custom installer using Adobe Creative Cloud Packager.

Have questions or need help?  Check out the Adobe Resource Site!

Learn more about the new Adobe licensing partnership for University of Pennsylvania Departments.

If you have any additional questions about the program, please contact our Departmental Orders desk at 215-898-0889.

Looking for perpetual licenses?  Check our our CLP offerings!

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