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The Computer Connection offers two convenient ways to help cut down on e-waste.

Ink & Toner Recycling

The Computer Connection is ready to assist you with being more green by helping you recycle your used printer inks and toners. Bring your empty ink and toner cartridges to the Computer Connection and we will send them to be recycled through a program sponsored by Office Depot.

Laptop & Rechargeable Battery Recycling

The Computer Connection, in cooperation with the Office of Environmental Health & Radiation Safety, can take your used laptop. mobile phone, and other rechargeable batteries for safe disposal and recycling. These batteries can contain mercury, lead, cadmium, lithium, and other potentially harmful materials - don't throw them away!

Sustainable Technology

Caring for our world today and planning for tomorrow is a topic many technology companies are actively engaged in addressing. Examining manufacturing processes with the goal of reducing environmental footprints and ensuring sustainability in the future are concerns faced by all of our computer manufacturer partners.

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