Penn Shuttles

Shuttles provide transportation free of charge to and from Transit Stops and West Philadelphia, Center City and Powelton Village, within defined boundaries. This service supports faculty, staff and students from Penn, the University of the Sciences and the University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS). Passengers need to show their institutional ID to board the shuttles. Penn Shuttles run in the evening, seven days a week, year round except for Penn-recognized holidays. For exact times and operation, click here. Service may be adversely impacted due to circumstances such as inclement weather and construction.

Shuttle Trips Originating from On-Campus

Passengers wishing to access Penn Shuttles from on-campus should follow these procedures:

  • Riders should go to the nearest transit stop and wait INSIDE, if possible
  • Check for schedules
  • Have your ID card available to present to the driver
  • Provide the driver your name and destination
  • If you travel to a destination off-campus, the shuttle will drop you off at your specified location

Shuttle Trips Originating from Off-Campus

Patrons located off-campus may obtain shuttle service by following these steps:

  • Request service by calling (215) 898-RIDE (7433)
  • Provide the dispatcher with your name, exact location and destination
  • Wait INSIDE the building, if possible
  • The shuttle will take you to a transit stop
  • Call Penn Walking Escort Service at (215) 898-WALK (9225) or 8-WALK (9225) if you would like an escort to your final destination after drop-off

On-Call Shuttle Service

Patrons located off-campus may obtain shuttle service by calling (215) 898-RIDE (7433) and following these steps:

  • Passengers may travel to destinations north of Market Street (Powelton Village or 30th St.) on an on-call basis only from a Transit Stop and give the dispatcher your name and destination
  • After 3:00 a.m. a limited on-call service is available until 7:00 a.m.
  • Riders may ride Penn Shuttles from one off-campus location to another off-campus destination provided that the pick up point and final destination are within Penn Shuttle’s service boundaries.

Early Morning Services1

A limited on-call service provides safe transportation from campus transit stops to off campus locations within the published Penn Transit Service Area from 3 am to 7 am. To request early morning services, call 215-898-RIDE or 8-RIDE from a campus phone during these hours. Waiting times may be longer.

1Services are not provided after 3 am for the following requests:

  • To/from 30th Street Station
  • From off campus to off campus locations (e.g., 46th & Pine to 48th & Chester)
  • From on campus to on campus locations (e.g., The Quad to Hill House)