Commuter Passes Apply for or Update Your Commuter Benefits

All of Penn's Commuter Options are managed by WageWorks Commuter Services and is governed by the WageWorks Participant Guide.

Step 1.

Review Information on the Program

Prospective and Current Participants should review the WageWorks Participant Guide and the Frequently Asked Questions.

Review ADP Participant GuideReview ADP FAQs
Step 2.

Log in to the WageWorks Commuter Web Portal

You will need your PennKey and Password to log in. NOTE: You must enroll online approximately six weeks before your participation is effective. For example, the next month to start your commuter program is September; you must enroll online no later than July 20.

On the Spending Account page, Select "Enrollment" and "Commuter Enrollment."

  • If you are enrolling for a Commuter Pass select, "Transit Order" from the left navigation menu
  • If you are enrolling for Parking at a train station or transit facility, select "Parking Order" from the left navigation menu.


Enroll in ONe of our Commuter Programs

Step 3.

You will Receive an Email Noting that Your Order has Been Fulfilled.

The passes are mailed in the third week of the month in which you receive email verifying that your application was approved.

Step 4.

You Will Receive Your Pass in the Mail

The passes are mailed to you in the third week of the month. They will arrive in a plain white envelope that does not reference the transit pass so be careful not to mistake it for junk mail.