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WageWorks Commuter Check Card

The WageWorks Commuter Check Card Prepaid MasterCard® is a convenient, secure debit card that is available for eligible qualified transit or parking products.

The Commuter Check Card is a MasterCard® stored-value debit card that works like a credit card at eligible transit and parking providers. There is no line of credit available; only the funds you elect to put on the card from your account balance are available for use. Your personal credit is not impacted by using this card and issuance of the card is not subject to credit application or approval. Always be sure to select CREDIT as the payment type if a transit or parking provider asks this question.

From the online ordering platform, use the Card Management tab to activate your card, view transaction history, check the available balance on your card or report your card as lost/stolen.

On your initial order, you will be asked to allocate an amount to your card. The amount you transfer to your check card cannot exceed the available account balance in your Transit or Parking account. Be sure to select the Recurring Order option to have funds automatically loaded onto your card each month. By doing so, you'll have the security of electronic funding and can purchase your Commuter Products when it's convenient for you.

You may order the card directly through the WageWorks Commuter Benefits online ordering platform.
1. Select the product type.
2. Choose your Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA).
3. Select the card from the list of providers.

The minimum purchase amount on the commuter check card is $10 and the maximum single purchase amount is $700. The maximum purchase amount for the card provides the convenience of being able to purchase multi-month passes (e.g. two-month pass, three-month pass). Your purchase amount is subject to your available account balance and the IRS limits or your employer's Plan maximums for Transit and Parking, whichever is less.

For example: Your Transit or Parking plan limit is $100 per month. That means that the maximum amount you could charge on your card during the calendar year is $1,200 (12 months x $100 per month = $1,200). Any amounts over your Plan's calendar year maximum must be paid out-of-pocket and are not eligible for the pre-tax savings.

The card can be used for eligible Commuter expenses, as outlined by IRS regulations. Your card will only work at eligible locations, which means you do not need to submit receipts.

  • The Transit Commuter Card can be used at Transit Agencies, fare vending machines, kiosks and designated transit retail centers that sell only transit passes, tickets, fare cards, and van pool passes. The card cannot be used at retail locations (i.e. gift shops, pharmacies, etc.) that sell products other than transit media. The purchase location also must accept a Debit MasterCard® for payment.
  • The Parking Commuter Card can be used at authorized parking facilities nationwide where Debit MasterCard® is an acceptable form of payment.

There are no issuance or transaction fees for using the Commuter Check Card.

If your pass/ticket was purchased with your commuter check card, you should contact your transit agency or parking provider directly to request a refund. Always retain your receipts for purchases made with your check card. The transit agency or parking provider will likely ask you to provide a receipt as proof of purchase.

Commuter Benefits Transit and Parking accounts allow you to carry unused balances from month to month and year to year. As long as you remain enrolled in the plan, your balance will be available for use (subject to IRS and/or Plan limits). However, if you find you are carrying balances forward each month, you may want to adjust your contribution amount so that you can exhaust your unused account balance.