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Penn Transit Shuttle West now has a new pick-up location for those traveling to the University of the Sciences thanks to the initiative of their three students. The new pick-up stop on the corner of the Breyer’s Lot nearest the Student Services Office will enhance safety and convenience for the rest of that campus's  community.

Late in the Fall Semester, three eager Occupational Therapy students came up with an idea for improving the accessibility, convenience, and safety of the Penn Transit Shuttle that serves the University of the Sciences Community. Their goal for this project was inspired by a class assignment, “The Advocacy Project for Creating Change” in their course “The Past, Present and Future of Occupational Therapy” that is taught by professors Dr. Mindy Wojton and Wendy Fox.

The students, Marlene Zack, Rachel Hernandez, and Ashley Lewis, who are “P2s” in the Occupational Therapy Program, approached University of the Sciences Director of Public Safety, Michael Stitley and Public Safety Department Emergency Management Coordinator, Michael Lapotasky to ask for assistance in connecting with Penn Transit and facilitating their project which aimed at bringing the pick-up and drop-off for the shuttle onto the campus versus its previous location at 42nd and Woodland Avenues.

With the support of the University of the Sciences, inquiries were made with Penn Transit leadership and the project was quickly approved.

The new location for the pick-up and drop-off is now in the corner of the Breyer’s Lot nearest the Student Services Office. It will soon be marked by a pick-up and drop-off sign on the nearest light pole. The new stop was ready when the student's returned from Spring Break.