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Regarding Penn's Affinity Credit Card Agreement with Bank of America


Since 1997, the Penn Credit Card Program has provided the Penn Community with a variety of credit card options. Bank of America, the provider of this credit card, helps support the University of Pennsylvania with every account opened and with every purchase that you make with the card.

Why an Affinity Card?

Penn chose to offer an affinity card program because we seek to provide access to products and services that add value for the University community. One measure of success is that there are approximately 11,880 individuals who are proud holders of the card. Another reason is the financial return that can be used to help support important University endeavors that would otherwise be unfunded. Also important to the Penn community is brand identity—the core of the affinity card philosophy is that people want to carry a card to show their Red and Blue Pride.

Provisions for Responsible Marketing Practices

In exchange for permission to offer Penn constituents the opportunity to apply for their credit card, Bank of America agreed to certain measures with respect to using the information we provide to them.  These include:
  • Respect for your privacy—strict parameters regarding protection of your information;
  • Not allowing the provided information to be used for any other purpose outside of Penn¹s specific program; and
  • Creating a unique and easy-to-use opt-out process for those who do not wish to receive credit card marketing from Bank of America.

Special Safeguards for Students

We know that students' accounts must be handled with particular care and we hold Bank of America accountable for doing so. Safeguards are either built into the contract, or by practice, such as: limits on marketing to students, low credit card limits and providing credit education materials.   

How Penn Benefits

Throughout the history of Penn's relationship with Bank of America, the Penn Affinity Card program has provided benefits to the entire Penn Community: a source of funding for UC Bright–a community initiative to greatly enhance the lighting on 40th Street; financial resources for alumni related programs, events and operations; New Student Orientation; sponsorship for Penn athletics; student programs such as Campus Express–Penn's one-stop online transaction system for student campus services; and support for the PennCard office–serving all faculty, staff, students and many visitors and guests. These are just a sampling of the allocations.   

Disclosure of Agreement

The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009 requires institutions of higher education to make any credit card contract or other agreement available to the public upon request. Please allow two weeks for reply. To obtain a copy of Penn’s Affinity Card Agreement with Bank of America please send a written request to:

Division of Business Services

Suite 440A
3401 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228
Main: 215-898-9155
Fax: 215-898-0488

Attention: CARD Act Requests

Please include your complete mailing address, an email address and phone number so that we may reach you.

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