Be a Good Neighbor

Students have many different reasons for choosing to live on campus: location, affordability, convenience, academic-year leases. We think the best part of living on campus is the opportunity to interact with a community of other students in a relaxed academic atmosphere.

Living in a community comes with responsibilities. There are official policies for living in residence halls, which can be found here. But there is also an informal expectation of mutual respect and consideration. The lifestyle choices you make affect not only yourself, but also those living around you.  It's important to keep your apartment tidy, mind the quiet hours, and be respectful of shared spaces.

Here are some tips for being a good neighbor:

Be Social:

Introduce yourself to your neighbors, and say hello when you see each other in the hallway. You don't need to be best friends, but it's a good idea to be cordial. It might come in handy when you run out of paper or dish soap! If you are interested in making friends, come to building events! Introduce yourself.  Suggest a program to your GA. Invite some neighbors over for a potluck.  Host your own study break.  Whether living in a residence hall or in other parts of life, when it comes to community, you get what you give.


If you have a kitchen in your apartment, please be careful not to set off the smoke alarm. If you do, OPEN YOUR WINDOWS for the smoke to disperse. DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR--it will set off the building alarm!

Mind the Quiet Hours:

Sometimes, noise travels a bit farther than we'd like. Please keep in mind that many of your neighbors are studying! Sometimes, fun just requires a little bit of noise. For those occasions, head to one of Sansom Place's many lounges!


Please take your trash regularly to the trash room, and ALWAYS USE THE CHUTE! Don't ever leave your trash on the floor of the trash room.  If the trash chute is backed up, please report it to the front desk.

Be Tidy:

It's important for everyone on the floor to keep tidy rooms, or else pests are attracted to the area. If your messiness attracts pests to your room, chances are those pesky pests will wander into the rooms around you! Please don't do that to your neighbors! Speaking of Pests, here's a great video about keeping your room PEST-FREE.


Here's some highlighted policies for living in Sansom Place. When signing the occupancy agreement, all residents of Sansom Place agree to the policies and procedures outlined in the Residential Handbook.  Residents are encouraged to read and understand the full handbook, but some common questions and issues are highlighted below:


Pets are not permitted in Sansom Place, except for fish kept in a tank no larger than 20 gallons. Persons with a disability are the only exception to this rule.


A host is responsible for his guest at all times, and if any violation of residential or university policies are made by the guest, it is the joint responsibility of the host resident. Residents must stay with their guests at all times, and may not sign out a guest pass for more than 3 days. Residents in shared spaces must get the approval of roommates before inviting a guest into the space.


Smoking of any substance is not permitted in Sansom Place. Violators will be subject to fines and/or disciplinary action.


Alcohol is not permitted in common spaces, and only residents of legal drinking age may possess and/or consume alcohol.


Lost keys will require that your door is re-cored and residents will be charged $130 in maintenance and materials.